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Product Design
Event management

What's Smartcoach?

Smartcoach is a web-app designed to assist amateur football coaches in Switzerland with scheduling and managing practices and matches.

The goal

Smartcoach aims to minimize the time and effort coaches devote to scheduling and management, allowing them to concentrate more on coaching and player development.


My PM were an amateur football coach before, in the bootcamp we're given to find a problem and solve it. He told us how they're dealing with scheduling and communicating with players. As a team, we believed that's the problem we could try to find a solution.


Centralized event calendar, a player availability collection system, and a player management interface.

Event management for amateur football teams

Smartcoach is a web-app designed within an 8-week bootcamp program to assist amateur football coaches in scheduling and tracking training or game sessions and managing player invitations.

We've tried to create an experience that would reduce the time scheduling football events for coaches so they could focus on football instead of scheduling.

We listed the critical challenges for the coaches. All the coaches we interviewed complained about the complexity of using multiple third-party apps to schedule a training session.

Overcoming Organizational Chaos | Slingshot Team Collaboration


We surveyed 136 coaches in Switzerland, got some answers and invite them to in-depth interview. We collected keypoints from the survey and interviews. That data taught us they need an efficient and user-friendly tool to streamline amateur football coaches' scheduling and management process. This tool should integrate with existing calendar and messaging apps then provide practical communication features to ensure smooth communication with the players.

Time is key

We asked amateur football coaches in Switzerland, and discovered they spend average 4 hours per week on administrative tasks related to scheduling and managing sessions. We aimed to simplify these tasks by providing a centralized platform for coaches to create events, manage their teams and invite them to the events.


They were facing challenges such as coordinating schedules, collecting player availability, communicating changes, and managing potential conflicts. 100% of the coaches rated effective communication with players as essential. From 136 coaches, 55% of them were unhappy with the flow. 77% of coaches spend 3-6 hours weekly, they said that's a lot for them.

Data collected from Survey and interviews


We could help them to quickly complete their paperwork

4 hours per week is a considerable amount of time for a volunteer coach to spend on administrative tasks. This time could be better spent coaching and developing players.

they could stop doıng repetitive

The functions of scheduling practices and matches, collecting player availability, and communicating changes are all repetitive and boring. This can be a significant source of frustration for coaches.

coaches could be more efficient

The current scheduling method and managing practices and matches could be more efficient. Coordinating schedules, collecting player availability, and communicating changes are often complex. This can lead to missed practices and games and can be a source of conflict between coaches and players.

55% of the coaches are a considerable audience.

Based on our interviews with coaches, over 50% prefer using a single app to schedule practices and games instead of relying on several third-party apps.

We thought with Smartcoach, Coaches could save time, reduce frustration, and improve the efficiency of the scheduling and management process. As a result, they can focus on their job: coaching and developing players.

Smartcoach can also benefit players. They can log in and accept or decline event invitations, we want to make sure that players notify the coaches that they're attending or not.

So, a question for us…

How can we streamline scheduling and managing practices and matches for amateur football coaches in Switzerland across all levels of play so that it is more convenient, less time-consuming, and more efficient for them?

We thought a web-app could help

We discussed what type of a product we should design & build to be simple instead of making much more complex then usual method. And, it was need to be done in 8-weeks. So, our finalist were an extension and a web-app, we decided to go with Web-app because it works on Desktop, tablet and mobile.

My extension iteration

Key features in Smartcoach


This is not really a feature because this is the bone of the app. You can ask why not users filling this form at once. We want to seperate into steps because we don't want to show all the inputs at once so the coaches doesn't feel overwhelmed.

Player's Rsvp

Each player will be able to provide availability for every event so the coaches can know who's attending. (We discussed a lot of about this feature that should we add or not, then we decided to add because this is amateur football not every player shows up to every session and they have main job.)

Get directions to venue

One of the problems from Player's side, teams don't have a fixed place that means every practice can planned to differnt places. We believed with this feature make communication clear.

Wrapping up

Smartcoach was designed using user-centered design principles and delivered an intuitive and efficient solution for scheduling, tracking, player management, and invitation processes. Ongoing feedback and iterative improvements will ensure Smartcoach remains aligned with user needs and continues enhancing amateur football's coaching experience.