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Hey! It’s Atakan, come on in.

"We’ve been doing mentorship sessions with Atakan for months now and he's shown steady progress over the time. He's quite confident when it comes to taking initiatives and driving conversations. He also has stellar visual design skills. Definitely recommended!"
Nejat Seçkin Oral
Nejat Seçkin Oral
Senior Product Designer
— On ADPList
"I've known Atakan for about a year. I saw in him the same motivation and excitement that I found in myself when I started this job in my youth. I'm sure he will come to much better places and I'm his supporter to the end."
Ayhan Fırat Fındıklıoğlu
Ayhan Fırat Fındıklıoğlu
Senior Product Designer
— Somewhere in the universe, he wrote while drinking coffee.
"It was a pleasure to work with Atakan during our time in the Co.Lab program. I highly recommend Atakan for any design-related opportunities, knowing that he will bring valuable expertise and a keen eye for creating exceptional user experiences."
Joan Cuko
Joan Cuko
Senior Product Manager at Vodafone
— on LinkedIn
Product Designer
2023 - Now
Freelance Product Designer
2022 - 2023
UX/UI Designer
2021 (3 mos)
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